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Profile vs. Description


What is the difference between profiles and descriptions?


Profiles form the backbone of the descriptions. Depending on the selected profile, the resulting description will be detailed or brief. Take, for example, an existing description and switch the profile: you will only see the portion of your previously entered data that is pertinent for the profile you have switched to. If you switch, say, from 'draft' profile to 'project design' profile, all data from the draft are displayed, and new entry fields appear. If you later swich back and assign 'draft profile' to your description, you will now only see the portion of text that is relevant for the draft. We recommend starting with the project draft. After completion, copy it and assign a new profile called 'project design' to it. You can now expand your text and and write a fuller project description on the base of the data already entered in the draft version. Since you are not working on your original draft, but with a copy, the draft will not be affected by the changes or additions you are making.

Last modification: 02 September, 2010 16:20