Health Promotion Switzerland

BGM Forum Schweiz

BGM Forum Schweiz

Allumfassendes Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement und Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung


International, National, Supra-regional, Regional, Local, Single setting


Implementing body, Coaching, support, Evaluation, Quality development, Training and continuing education, Research, Information, documentation

Type of organisation

Private sector, Network, WHM within the own company

Methodological focus

Evaluation, Coaching/Support, Supervision, Quality development, Health promotion, Prevention, Communication, Marketing, Education/further training, Health literacy, Monitoring

Thematic focus

Alcohol, Physical activity, Relaxation, Nutrition, Quality of life, Mental health, School/corporate climate, Stress, Tobacco , Accidents , Other topic, Workplace health management , Sustainable development


Educational institutions, Hospitals, Workplace/enterprise, Other setting

Target groups

Educators/trainers, Managers/executives, Teachers, Employees in enterprises, Students/trainees/apprentices, General population, Other target group

Target groups: age

Young adults (18-29), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes


German, English, French, Italian

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