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Addiction Switzerland

Addiction Switzerland

Addiction Switzerland is a private organization that is not associated with any political party and recognized as a non-profit organization. The organization seeks to prevent or reduce the problems of addiction to alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Addiction Switzerland is active on a national level and also maintains partnerships with institutions worldwide.




Implementing body, Coaching, support, Evaluation, Training and continuing education, Research, Information, documentation

Type of organisation

non-governmental, public sector organization

Methodological focus

Evaluation, Coaching/Support, Gender perspective, Participatory approaches, Health promotion, Prevention, Communication, knowledge management, Education/further training, Lobbying, Health literacy

Thematic focus

Alcohol, Drugs, School/corporate climate, Tobacco , Other addictions, Workplace health management


Support and childcare facilities, Community, leisure, associations, Internet , Workplace/enterprise, Other setting

Target groups

Educators/trainers, Parents, Managers/executives, Adolescents, Teachers, Employees in enterprises, Persons with migration background, Politicians/lobbyists, Pregnant women, School children, General population

Target groups: age

Infants and small children (0-5), Schoolchildren (6-11), Youths (12-17), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64), Elderly (65-79)

Target groups: gender

Male only, Female only, Both sexes


German, English, French, Italian

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