Bisch fit? Graubünden

Bisch fit? Kantonales Aktionsprogramm Gesundes Körpergewicht Graubünden

Aktionsprogramm gesundes Körpergewicht. 2.Phase 2012-2015, Graubünden

Duration of the program

01-01-2012 – 31-12-2015


National, Supra-regional, Regional, Local, Single setting

Thematic focus

Physical activity, Relaxation, Nutrition


Educational institutions, Community, leisure, associations, Internet

Target groups

Parents, Adolescents, Teachers, Persons with migration background, Politicians/lobbyists, Pregnant women, School children, Working poor, General population

Target groups: age

Infants and small children (0-5), Schoolchildren (6-11), Youths (12-17), Young adults (18-29)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes


Media, campaigns, Events, talks, campaign days/-weeks, exhibitions, Courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, Consulting, coaching, Information material, textbooks, brochures, Networking, exchange, coordination


Teaching aids, Films , Games, Books

Project type

Disseminated intervention project

Project status

Currently being implemented


German, Italian, Other

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