Via - Best Practice health promotion for the elderly

The project «Via - best practice in health promotion for the elderly» runs a coordination center which assists cantons and municipalities in the planning and implementation of programs. It develops scientific principles, provides practical advice on implementation, offers assistance and support and organizes networking and experience-sharing opportunities for stakeholders. The project aims at supporting older people’s autonomy so that they may enjoy a good quality of life and remain in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. Via is the result of an initiative of the cantons of Berne and Zurich. In 2011, Health Promotion Switzerland took over the responsibility for the project. The ten cantons AR, BE, GR, NW, SG, SH, TG, UR, VD, ZG and other partners are currently involved in the project. In the first phase, 2010-2013, principles for different areas of action were established and field-tested tools were developed. After the second phase, 2014-2016, the intention is to develop Via into a program largely based on the cantonal action programs for healthy body weight. Currently, the following topics are elaborated: physical activity, fall prevention, nutrition and social participation. Crosscutting themes are: diversity and equal opportunity, participation of family doctors, participation of the elderly, as well as advice and guidance, courses and events.

Duration of the project

01-01-2014 – 31-12-2016






Thematic focus

Physical activity, Nutrition, Quality of life, Mental health, Accidents


Outpatient medical services, Community, leisure, associations, Living environment

Target groups

Managers/executives, Politicians/lobbyists, General population, Professionals Public Health

Target groups: age

Elderly (65-79), Aged (80+)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes


Media, campaigns, Events, talks, campaign days/-weeks, exhibitions, Courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, Qualified disseminators, Consulting, coaching, Information material, textbooks, brochures, Networking, exchange, coordination, Interest representation, Advocacy, Lobbying



Project type

Disseminated intervention project

Project status

Currently being implemented


German, French

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