Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer

Leiter Gesundheitsamt des Kantons Zug

    • Gesundheitsamt des Kantons Zug
    • Aegeristrasse 56
    • 6313 Menzingen
    • Switzerland
    • 041 728 39 38

Methodological focus

Evaluation, Coaching/Support, Supervision, Quality development, Participatory approaches, Empirical research, Health promotion, Prevention, Communication, Marketing, knowledge management, Education/further training, Lobbying

Thematic focus

Alcohol, Drugs, Quality of life, Mental health, School/corporate climate, Stress, Suicide, Tobacco , Other addictions


Educational institutions, Community, leisure, associations, Internet , Workplace/enterprise, Other setting, Not setting-oriented

Target groups

Parents, Managers/executives, Adolescents, Teachers, Employees in enterprises, Politicians/lobbyists, General population

Target groups: age

Infants and small children (0-5), Schoolchildren (6-11), Youths (12-17), Young adults (18-29), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64), Elderly (65-79), Aged (80+)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes

Qualification in Health promotion/Prevention

Further training courses, Bachelor , Diploma, Master / Licence


German, English, French, Other

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