Nora Wight

Nora Wight

lic. phil.


Nora Wight studied Political Science and Political Economics at the University of Zurich. In her licentiate dissertation she investigated the awarding criteria of the Swiss Development Aid using quantitative analytical methods. She successfully completed her course of study at the beginning of 2008. Nora Wight worked for one year as a scientific trainee at Interface and since Avril 2009, she has been working as a research associate.

    • Interface Politikstudien Forschung Beratung
    • Seidenhofstr. 12
    • 6003 Luzern
    • Switzerland
    • +41-41-226 04 26

Methodological focus

Evaluation, Coaching/Support, Quality development, Empirical research, Health promotion, Prevention

Thematic focus

Physical activity, Nutrition, Other addictions, Workplace health management


Support and childcare facilities, residential establishments, homes for the elderly and nursing homes, prisons, Workplace/enterprise

Target groups

Politicians/lobbyists, Other target group

Target groups: age

Infants and small children (0-5), Schoolchildren (6-11), Youths (12-17), Elderly (65-79), Aged (80+)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes

Qualification in Health promotion/Prevention

Master / Licence


German, English, French, Spanish

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