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Templates for descriptions


How can I select and adjust templates for my project descriptions?


Every description is allocated a specific template. The template stipulates which elements are relevant, what they are called and in what order they should appear. In addition, specific display options can be selected (e.g. data in list or tabular form). As the data entered in a description are saved independently of the chosen template, a description can be allocated to a new template at any time.

There are three different types of template:

Standard templates: Sample templates provided by quint-essenz that are automatically selected for new descriptions.

Institutional templates: Templates that are made public by institutions and can be used by everyone (e.g. request forms from project funds).

Customized templates: You can copy an existing template and adapt this to your requirements. The copy appears in the list of your own templates and can be edited there. You can change the title and the order of sections as well as the key questions and type of tables in the descriptions. You can make your templates accessible to other people by adding these people to the list of actors. The list of customized templates also includes templates that you created yourself and the customized templates of other users to which you have been given access.

Last modification: 23 February, 2014 10:34