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Links between community profiles


Is it possible to link individual community profiles?


Yes, it is possible to make links between organizations, projects/programs and professionals visible. This works as follows:

Organization - professionals: The organization accepts previously registered users in its list of members. These people then become visible as members – either with just their name, or with a personal profile, if this is public. Accepted professionals are informed by e-mail.

Organization - projects/programs: Where it is involved in a project or program as a sponsor, financial backer or in another role, the organization can make this link visible.

Project/program - professionals: Project owners or administrators add previously registered or new users to the project, thereby making the link to the project visible. Previously registered users are informed of this by e-mail. Unregistered users receive an e-mail with a request to register on quint-essenz.

Program - projects: Program owners or administrators can add already-entered projects to the program.

Specialist groups - professionals: Owners or moderators of a specialist groups invite previously registered or new users to the group of professionals. Invitations need to be accepted. Along with the invitation e-mail, unregistered users receive a request to register on quint-essenz.

Last modification: 23 February, 2014 10:41