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Useful number of descriptions


How many descriptions should I establish for my project?


We recommend that you start with a single description, and assign 'draft' profile (in the category 'standard profiles') to it. When this is done, duplicate the description, assign the 'project design' profile to it and continue to work with this more detailed profile. If you are managing the project, copy this more detailed description and assign the profile 'milestones' to it. When you finalize the project and are writing a final report, copy the last version of a description and assign the profile 'final report' to it.
In general, you have four consecutive descriptions at the end of a project:

  1. Draft
  2. Project design
  3. Milestone report/Project management chart
  4. Final report

By copying a description, you can use once entered data whilst the leaving the previous version unchanged in case you want to come back to it at a later time.

You can also copy a standard profile and adapt it. The copied profile is then found under 'Customized profiles'. Before editing a description based on a copied and customized profile, you have to assign it in the meta data section of the description.

Last modification: 01 January, 2008 10:00