Health Promotion Switzerland

2012 Katrin Meier (Future Community)

Ms Meier, what are your main responsibilities in your work as campaign manager at the Swiss Institute for Child Protection?

As a national organization, the Swiss Institute for Child Protection campaigns in all parts of the country for children in our society to grow up in dignity, for their rights to be safeguarded and their integrity protected. At the institute I am responsible for developing a concept and a rationale for the national campaign for an upbringing free from violence. The campaign is intended to raise awareness among and provide information to parents, children and the general public on the subject of physical and psychological abuse. One way we offer alternative childrearing methods is by promoting and strengthening parental education. The campaign should have an impact in terms of both preventive health care and the promotion of good health.

Congratulations, you are the 200th professional to open a public profile on quint-essenz! Why did you join quint-essenz?

I felt that the quint-essenz project management tool would be helpful for the professional development of my campaign. I therefore attended a quint-essenz training session at which I also became aware of the Community feature. In both prevention and health promotion, networking and interaction are important components that I would like to further develop. At quint-essenz the project management tool is conveniently linked with the Community. This connection enables a project, once created, to be easily published so that others may respond to it.

What do you hope to achieve from quint-essenz? Where do you see the potential in the Community?

I'm still a relative newcomer to the Community, but I hope that being a member will enable me to extend my network. In my opinion, an upbringing free from violence is not only a child protection issue, but also belongs to the broad area of public health. For this reason I am hoping that the quint-essenz Community will enable me to experience interesting discussions and approaches from a wider perspective.

Experience to date shows that many users would like to have the benefits of quint-essenz, but are less prepared to contribute to the platform themselves. What are you prepared to bring to the Community personally?

Firstly, I intend to stay constantly up to date with the current state of the campaign, and for this reason I am planning to create a project profile on the Community as soon as the campaign is officially launched. Secondly, at the Institute we are planning to develop our online communication further and will be looking to see which facilities quint-essenz can offer us generally in this area.

What are your wishes for the future of the quint-essenz Community?

It would be good if the interdisciplinary exchange of expertise could be strengthened.

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