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Structural quality

The quality of the structural conditions. They include objective and subjective need, resources in terms of personnel, finances and professional know-how, as well as conceptual and legal bases.

Strukturelle Rahmenbedingungen

Rahmenbedingungen, die in den gesellschaftlichen Strukturen (politisch, ökonomisch, kulturell, organisationsstrukturell etc.) angelegt sind oder das natürliche und materielle Umfeld betreffen (geografisch, klimatisch, infrastrukturell etc.).


Effects of a project which last longer than the project itself.

Sustainable development

The concept of "sustainable development" is designed to achieve a balance between resource consumption and regeneration in order to ensure the continued existence of a just society with a functioning economy in a sound ecological environment, or to develop it in this direction.

Target group

Population groups or stakeholders in a specific setting which will be affected by the interventions' objectives and measures.


The act of preparing, sharing and exploiting the insights, experiences and evaluation results of a project.


A vision includes the long term perspective of a desirable future state, which goes beyond the duration of the project. It is the guiding principle of a project.

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