In general, projects have a separate organizational structure as they are structured in a cross-department way or even between organizations, and decision-making authority is not distributed in the same way as in the organizational hierarchies. The following must therefore be clearly defined:

  • Which organizations and people are involved in the project and in which roles (project structure)
  • Which people and qualifications comprise the project team (project team and project leadership)
  • Which organizations the team should collaborate or coordinate with (networking)

Clear roles and skills enable efficient processes and prevent misunderstandings and conflicts of roles

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  • Projektstruktur

    Das Projekt hat eine adäquate und für alle Akteure nachvollziehbare Projektstruktur.

  • Qualifikationen

    Die Projektleitung und die weiteren Projektbeteiligten sind für ihre Aufgaben qualifiziert.

  • Vernetzung und Koordination

    Das Projekt ist zielgerichtet vernetzt und koordiniert.

  • Zusammenarbeit

    Die Projektleitung, das Projektteam und die weiteren Projektbeteiligten haben eine konstruktive Zusammenarbeit etabliert.

Quality criteria (projects) 5.2 (pdf)

  • Activity distribution chart
  • Evaluation grid for funding organizations
  • Structured organization chart
  • Evaluation grid for organizations in charge of projects
  • Suitability criteria for project managers
  • Does the team have sufficient skills to successfully carry out the project?
  • To what extent are the steering and advisory committees optimally staffed?
  • Are all relevant organizations appropriately networked with the project?
  • Networking
  • Project structure
  • Stakeholders
  • Target group
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