Implementing health promotion projects is very demanding:

  • A large number of actors and measures have to be coordinated (project structure and networking)
  • The objectives and the budget must be kept in mind (controlling)
  • The target groups must be sufficiently involved (participation)
  • Unforeseen developments must be identified in good time (milestone meetings)
  • And the project must be reflected on and optimized regularly (evaluation)

A great deal of meticulous work is required at all levels and, at the same time, an overview must be maintained.

Projects   Programs

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  • Reflexion

    Das Projekt wird regelmässig systematisch reflektiert und bei Bedarf angepasst.

  • Dokumentation

    Wichtige Aspekte des Projekts sind in nachvollziehbarer Weise dokumentiert.

  • Kommunikation

    Die interne und externe Kommunikation ist zielgerichtet.

Quality criteria (projects) 5.2 (pdf)

  • Checklist documentation
  • Evaluation chart
  • Evaluation plan
  • Formal advice from colleagues
  • Project management chart
  • Guideline questions for milestone meetings
  • Mood appraisal
  • Risk analysis
  • Have you provided suitable forums for regular reflection on the progress of the project?
  • On what basis should a final assessment of the project be made?
  • What measures are planned to create and maintain a good atmosphere within the team?
  • Controlling
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Project management
  • Project phases
  • Reporting
  • Resources
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