Results and outcome

Complex correlations of cause and effect make planning and proving effects difficult. It is therefore helpful for you to:

  • clarify the key assumptions about the effects of the project (outcome models)
  • formulate measurable objectives as far as possible (SMART objectives, achievement of objectives)
  • carry out ongoing and final reviews of the achievement of objectives (controlling and achievement of objectives)

There is generally no evidence of effects for complex correlations. However, evaluations can provide indications of plausible (as well-founded as possible) effects and correlations of cause and effect.

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  • Zielerreichung und Verankerung

    Das Projekt hat seine Ziele erreicht und die Voraussetzungen für nachhaltige Wirkungen sind gegeben.

  • Evaluation

    Die Evaluation trägt dazu bei, das Projekt fundiert zu steuern (formativ) und die Wirkungen des Projekts abschliessend zu beurteilen (summativ).

  • Transfer und Multiplikation

    Ergebnisse und Erkenntnisse des Projekts werden zielgerichtet verbreitet und für eine Multiplikation des Projekts nutzbar gemacht.

Quality criteria (projects) 5.2 (pdf)

  • Evaluation chart
  • Evaluation plan
  • Final report
  • Information strategy
  • Swiss model for outcome classification
  • Have you presented and reflected on the suspected correlations of cause and effect in an outcome model?
  • Will the assessment of objective achievement be available sufficiently early to influence decision-making processes?
  • In what way should the effects of the project persist after the project is complete?
  • Effect
  • Effektivität
  • Efficiency
  • Outcome
  • Outcome model
  • Outcome objective
  • Output
  • Quality of results
  • Valorization
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